Bay House Condominiums   
Council of Co-Owners

Bay House Rules & Regulations Summary


Welcome to Bay House Condominiums.  Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our Rules & Regulations Summary.  For the safety and enjoyment of all of our Bay House owners, guests and occupants, please adhere to these rules & regulations.

                                            Thank you,                                

        Bay House Management & Board of Directors

·        Parking is allowed in designated parking spaces only. Each condo has one assigned marked space for their exclusive use.  Additional vehicles may be parked in available unnumbered spaces only.  No parking of motor homes and/or travel trailers of any size/style is permitted on Bay House property at any time.

·        Boats and/or jet skis on trailers and u-haul type trailers are only allowed in the designated parking area (if space available) across from the 2400 building for a maximum of 48 HOURS.   At no time may trailers impede traffic flow or be allowed in other parking areas on the property. Boat trailers may be parked for up to 72 HOURS at Harbor Oaks boat ramp.  During Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day weekends, the parking limit is 24 HOURS only.

·        Condos are assigned a boat dock for their exclusive use only.  Boats should not extend beyond the boat dock in a manner that impedes access to other boat docks. Please adhere to the boat length restriction of 26 ft. centerline (inclusive of boat & motor) for those docks located  in Buildings 1500 through 2200 and 2600) with boats not exceeding 30 ft. centerline (inclusive of boat & motor) allowed for those docks which border Canoe Lake only (Buildings 2300 through 2500).  Boats must be parked   BOW-IN ONLY, no backing into boat slips is allowed.  Bay House observes a NO WAKE ZONE at all times.

·        Pets MUST be kept under the owners’ control at all times and should be leashed when outside of the condo on the common grounds.  Promptly clean/pick up after your pet. This applies to renters’ pets as well.

·        Cooking outdoors is limited to the unit’s deck with gas and electric grills only.  No charcoal or open flames.  At no time is cooking allowed in the common areas or in the pool areas.  No chimineas and/or tiki torches are allowed on any decks or on any of the common areas of the property.

·        For safety purposes, the walkways, driveways and docks are not to be used as play areas.

·        Trash should be in sealed bags and placed in dumpsters.  No large items such as appliances or furniture are to be left beside dumpsters.  If a dumpster is full, please take trash to one of the other dumpsters located on the property.

·        Please adhere to pool rules posted on entry gates to the pool.  There is   NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY.  Swim at own risk. Pool hours are 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.   NO DIVING OR JUMPING from fence or furniture is allowed.  NO GLASS containers are allowed in pool areas.  Lifesaving equipment is only to be used for emergencies.  NO COOKING on grills is allowed in any pool area.  Pool furniture is not to be removed from fenced pool areas. NO PETS are allowed in the fenced pool area.  Please shower before entering pool.  Please do not leave children unattended.

·        No fishing is permitted on any dock, including individual owners’ finger piers, without permission from those owners. Fishing is allowed by owners and their guests on that portion of the common elements not directly in front of the owner’s unit.  NO CLEANING OF FISH allowed on decks.  Please use fish cleaning stands around property and properly dispose of fish parts in provided trash receptacles (no “floating” fish parts in the canals please).  Clean and rinse area after use.  Above-water fishing lights are to remain OFF when not in use.

·        Use of facilities will be in such a manner as to respect the rights and privileges of others.  Owners and all occupants should exercise reasonable care to avoid making or permitting loud, disturbing or objectionable noise (music, voices, i.e.) in such a manner as may disturb any owners or occupants. BAYHOUSE OBSERVES A QUIET PERIOD FROM 11:00 PM UNTIL 7:00 AM.

·        Occupancy of any condo is limited to the number of sleeping spaces provided. 





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