Bay House Condominiums   
Council of Co-Owners

Post-Hurricane Harvey Updates

Below listed are updates sent by either our Board President Noel Byrne or our Managers via email.  Every email communication will be posted to this site for easy reference.



DATE:  December 21, 2017   


Good morning fellow Bay House owners,


On behalf of all of us on the Board of Directors and our Management staff, we send our best wishes to you and yours for a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays, along with wishes for a wonderful and Happy New Year!  This has been a tough year for all of us here at Bay House due to Hurricane Harvey and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that I cannot wait to see 2017 in the rear view mirror!

Our goal for the recovery and restoration process of our Bay House community has sometimes resembled an obstacle course with challenges at every turn.  Your Board has worked tirelessly to develop a comprehensive plan to accomplish that goal and today I'm pleased to announce we now have a plan   in place. There will certainly be a few challenges yet to face and fine-tuning required as time progresses, however, it is with enthusiasm that I share the highlights of this plan with each of you as we move forward in the recovery and restoration process. 


1)    Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Bay House Council of Co-Owners has been finalized and is scheduled for Saturday, January 27, 2018 at the Allegro House.    Lunch will be served from 12 noon-1:00pm followed by the Business meeting from 1:00pm-4:00pm.  A full meeting package and agenda will be sent to each owner after January 1, 2018.  We are hoping to have representatives from our insurance company, our selected general contractor, bulkhead contractor and project management team to be available to make their presentations and answer any questions that arise. This will be a very important meeting for all of us and we sincerely hope to see as many owners there as possible.  Please save this important date. 

2)     Insurance Settlement

Our Public Adjuster and our association insurance company continue to finalize our claim but we are now at the point where we can release the preliminary scope of work to the contractors selected to bid on our restoration.  All indications reveal that the settlement will be sufficient to rebuild our community and will also allow some flexibility for those undiscovered issues that will only be uncovered as the actual work proceeds.

3)    Project Manager

The Board has identified several qualified companies that specialize in managing restoration projects such as ours.  Their role is to serve as the "owners advocate" between the Board of Directors and the General Contractor.  They will review the engineering report, architectural drawings, construction contracts and building permits to insure everything is in order before construction even begins.  Once rebuilding is underway, the Project Manager plays a key role in the overseeing and coordination of the restoration project with responsibilities including, but not limited to, inspections of work underway to assure approved plans are being met, submitting any “change orders” that arise for approval by the BOD and also reviewing any monthly contractor pay applications before submitting to the BOD for payment. The Board of Directors will be hiring our selected professional team by December 28, 2017.

4)    General Contractor

Right from day one, the Board has been in contact with various roofing contractors, demolition contractors, debris removal contractors, restoration contractors, new building contractors and the list goes on and on.  After countless hours spent discussing options and vetting companies, the Board has decided to go forward with a General Contractor for the rebuilding of Bay House.  We currently have three qualified contractors who are being asked to provide a formal bid by January 5, 2018.  Once received, all bids will be carefully reviewed by the Board, Project Manager and our attorney before final selection is made.  The contractor selected will then submit the formal contract for review and approval.  Each of the three contractors bidding on the project has indicated that a complete closure of our property will not be required however, as they work on specific buildings, those units in that building cannot be occupied.  Prior notice will be given to the owners as to when and how long vacancy is required for their specific building.  After review, the Board expects to sign the selected approved contract no later than January 16, 2018.

There were many determining factors in the selection process of a general contractor.  We required a company skilled in multi-family restoration with a strong reputation and financial stability.  We also wanted a company that would be sensitive and could accommodate the needs of 118 unit owners while at the same time meeting a tight timeline.  We believe that each of our final candidates can meet these requirements.


5)    Bulkhead Replacement

During the 2016 Annual Meeting, we voted the approval of an engineering study to examine and confirm the condition of the existing bulkhead in order to establish a standard for the repair or replacement, as needed to insure the safety and soundness of our community.  We originally planned to present this study and our recommendations at the 2017 Annual Meeting…then came Harvey!!  

The storm surge dramatically stressed an already weakened structure.  Many new sink holes have appeared with some decks being compromised by subsidence and additional tilting and cracking of the bulkhead.  In short, the storm made a bad problem worse and now it absolutely must be addressed.  We will be presenting the bulkhead restoration project for review and approval by vote from the ownership at the Annual Meeting.  The approval of this project will also require the need for a special assessment and financing package to accomplish permanently solving our bulkhead issues.  Once approved, we anticipate the start of bulkhead construction in March and it will take approximately six months to complete.  There will be a full detailed presentation and discussion at our Annual Meeting and information sent with the meeting package but let me give you a brief synopsis of the scope of work involved with this project. 

The replacement of the bulkhead is a very complicated process and it will require the removal of all of the existing docks.  Once completed, we will have all new bulkhead and a single piling onto which a dock may be built.  Our contractor will offer each owner a replacement dock to be built at the time of the bulkhead construction to the owner’s specifications at the owner’s personal expense.   The building of a new dock is not required by our bylaws at this time but you will definitely benefit from cost savings if done by our contractor while his equipment is onsite.  Again, all of this will be presented and discussed in much greater detail in the meeting package and at the Annual Meeting.



The projected cost of the bulkhead replacement is approximately $1,400,000 and at this writing, we are looking at a plan to pay for it by borrowing around $810,000 on a ten year note.  This plan will also require the need for a special assessment in the vicinity of $5,000 which would be due by March 1, 2018.  We are also considering the option of a payment plan which would allow for the first installment of $2,500 due by March 1, 2018 with remaining payments of $1,250 each due by April 1st and June 1, 2018.    The note would be paid from our HOA monthly dues (monthly operating assessment).

We sent a Resolution to raise the Monthly Operating Assessment ballot out with the original Annual Meeting packet to increase our current operating assessment from $225.00 to $250.00 per unit per month. As the note for the bulkhead restoration project will be paid from the monthly operating assessment, it is necessary to raise our HOA monthly dues (monthly operating assessment) from the current $300.00 per month to $375.00 per month.

The current monthly dues (operating assessment) provide $225.00 for operations and $75.00 for maintenance and capital improvements per unit per month.  The new monthly dues (operating assessment) will increase the operations budget allocation to $250.00 per unit per month and allocate $80.00 per unit per month for debt service with the remaining $45.00 per unit per month for future maintenance and capital improvements. Please keep in mind that these are preliminary numbers at this writing and subject to change. The exact numbers will be known when the contract is finalized and the loan has been negotiated and will be confirmed on the ballot in the meeting package sent to you.



So there you have it!   As you can imagine, there are lots of moving parts and lots of work ahead but we now have a comprehensive plan moving forward in the restoration of our wonderful Bay House community.  As a final reminder, you will be asked to vote on several different issues at the Annual Meeting so I hope you will be able to attend.  If you are unable to attend, please return your signed ballots and proxy.  Your vote counts!


Again, let me personally wish you and yours a happy holiday season.  Here’s to 2018 and the restoration of our Bay House community. 


Noel Byrne, President

Bay House Council of Co-owners

DATE:  December 7, 2017    1:18 pm


Good afternoon Bay House neighbors, 


As I write this update, we are experiencing the first major cold front of the season.  Cold, rainy and windy weather seem to make it a little more difficult to keep our spirits up as we all deal with the aftermath of  Harvey.   Although we may be experiencing the frustration and impatience to enjoy Rockport and our Bay House community as it was before Harvey but feeling the progress is slow in coming, I assure that nothing could be further from the truth.  In this update, I will focus on the “behind the scene” progress currently underway as we eagerly prepare to restore and rebuild our Bay House community.


1)    Association Insurance Claim 

 Our Public Adjuster and  representatives of our insurance company are currently negotiating and fine tuning  the preliminary settlement to be as complete as possible with good progress being made in that process.  As one example only, an updated review of all unit air conditioning systems was completed to insure that this part of the claim was accurate and included any duct work replacement required.  This detailed negotiation process between our adjuster and the insurance company should come to a close soon.  Once completed, we will be in a strategic position to provide prospective contractors a scope of work from which to receive bids to rebuild Bay House in the near future.  It is important to keep in mind that the claims process will not end with the receipt of our preliminary settlement.  As the rebuilding is underway, there will be new issues that will require us to request a supplemental insurance payment claim.  The best example of a supplemental claim would be the decision made regarding  any tear-down to rebuild the most damaged buildings.  Once we have hired a contractor to assess  the most cost effective approach to repairing and rebuilding and their assessment is completed, a determination will be made.  The good news is this is a normal part of the recovery process and all parties expect additional claim activity to take place.

2)    Contractors & Project Managers    

The Board has identified six prospective general contractors, four or five roofing contractors, a few project managers and architects from which we will select the project team to rebuild Bay House.  There are several ways to organize this effort and our goal is to put the best structure in place to complete this task.  It is a very complicated project and will require professional management.  The selection of our construction project team will follow soon after the "scope of work" is completed by our Public Adjuster.

3)     Bulkhead Replacement

This is one of the most critical issues we face for the future of our community.  The existing problems are certainly well-known but have been made much worse since the storm tide.  The recommended bulkhead design has been completed and we are currently soliciting bids to perform the work.  Our expectation is that this work will begin once approved by the ownership with completion anticipated at the same time as the restoration of Bay House.   A full detailed presentation of the bulkhead project, along with a plan to pay for this uninsured expense, will be addressed and sent to each owner along with a ballot for approval.

4)    Association Insurance Policy

We continue to be covered under a month-to-month property policy and will be unable to find a permanent solution until our rebuilding is underway.  It is our expectation that once a contractor is selected and work commences, Bay House will be covered under the contractor's Builders Risk policy and the premium for that policy will be included in the contractor's bid.  At that point, each owner will receive an invoice for their portion of the insurance premium paid since November 1, 2017.  There will also be a flood insurance renewal in the near future. 

5)    Closing or Restricting Access

Even though Hurricane Harvey has left our complex badly damaged, we have been able to find solutions to allow the continued enjoyment of units that were habitable.  This continues to be our objective but again I encourage all owners to have a "Plan B" should it become necessary to restrict access to the property as most condominium complexes have already done.  The decision to close or restrict access will be made based on these factors:

    A)    Advice from our legal counsel that we are creating an unacceptable level of liability that cannot be insured.

    B)    Our insurance carrier advises that we will no longer be insured if any of the units are occupied.        

    C)    We are required under the terms of our contractor's Builder's Risk policy to vacate the property.

    D)    The cost of our reconstruction would be substantially higher or the time to complete the reconstruction would be substantially longer if our contractors must work around people living on the property.


Please know that we as a Board will try to avoid issuing this mandate.    Should it become necessary, we will do our best to provide as much advanced notice as possible to allow for an orderly move.  These determining factors are not meant to alarm but rather to caution our owners to make contingency plans should this become necessary.  Finally, let me reiterate that if you are considering renting your unit, DON’T, as it would be unfair to the renter and to our Bay House community which will be a construction site in the near future. 


Once again, I thank all of our owners for their continued patience and support.  The rebuilding of our community will begin soon!!!!


Noel Byrne, President

Bay House Council of Co-owners

DATE: November 22, 2017  9:44 am


Good morning fellow Bay House owners,

 It's sometimes difficult to remain thankful for all the blessings in our lives during times like these when we are facing post-Hurricane Harvey.  On a personal note, I'm reminded daily of all my blessings and I am so thankful for my family, friends and all the great neighbors I've had the chance to get to know here at Bay House.  I remain thankful for the support and patience of our Bay House community and truly appreciate the hard work being done by our staff and my fellow Board members as we work through the recovery process.  As Thanksgiving approaches, I thank all of you and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  We are getting much closer to obtaining our association insurance settlement and look forward to a decision in the next few weeks.  With that in mind, let me share a few updates.

 1)   There is a selection of roofing material samples on display outside of the office.  If you find yourself at Bay House, please take a moment to stop by and look at these options. We welcome your opinions.  While the expressed preference by the Board is a metal roof option, we have not made a final decision regarding either the color or material, however we have made a great deal of progress in understanding our options and will make a recommendation once we know the amount of our insurance settlement.

 2)  The repair of the bulkhead remains a priority.   Several contractors have been on site and we await their final recommendations and proposals.   It is hoped that we will be able to tackle the bulkhead while we rebuild our community.

 3)  At present, Bay House continues to be the most accommodating condominium development regarding accessibility post-Harvey.  While we hope to continue to provide full access to the complex, please understand that due to insurance requirements, it might become necessary to secure the property and fully restrict access.  One has to look no further than our neighbor across the street, Allegro North, to see an example of what may be in store for Bay House.  I am sharing this information with all our owners as advanced notice that this is a very real possibility in the near future.  After recent discussions with our association insurance carrier, we believe that the probability of restricted access has increased as we are currently covered by a month-to-month Builders Risk policy.  If providing individual owners access to their units will cause us to lose insurance coverage or prevent the hiring of a competent contractor for the rebuild and restoration of our community, then access to the complex will be restricted.  

 Until a contractor has been selected, we will not be able to make a final decision regarding access to our property during the rebuilding process.  I continue to urge residents to make contingency plans should we need to restrict access due to liability, insurance or contractor requirements.  Renting is strongly discouraged due to the impending likelihood that our community will have restricted access. 

 4)  It has been recommended by AEP Utility that owners should contact their individual electricity provider to inform them if you are currently not using any electricity at all or your electricity usage is minimal as compared to the past.  Due to Hurricane Harvey and the number of either damaged meters or limited access to meters right now, they WILL NOT BE READING ALL METERS, so they could be estimating billing based on your prior usage.  Owners need to inform their electric provider and not assume that they are aware of the condition of your unit and your current power usage.  They also recommend that if you are not using any power at all, have them temporarily disconnect service so you don't receive a bill.  If you receive a bill which you feel is not correct, you can request for them to come read your meter and adjustments will be made.                                                                

 5)  As Board President, I made the decision, supported by the Board, to again postpone the Annual Meeting. Given the logistical challenges of meeting in Rockport and the lack of definitive information we could provide by     December 9th, we will be looking at a January date for rescheduling themeeting.  Your Board of Directors is diligently working on our rebuilding needs with contractors, architects, roofers, project management firms and our public adjuster.  I remain optimistic that we will meet our schedule and begin construction in January 2018.  We will continue to work through the holidays and provide regular updates on our progress. 

 In closing, I would like to once again thank our Board of Directors and staff for their dedication and hard work for all they are doing on behalf of our Bay House community and thank all of you, our owners, for your patience and support. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.

 Noel Byrne, President

Bay House Council of Co-Owners


DATE:  November 10, 2017   1:05 pm


Good afternoon fellow Bay House owners,

 This week’s update will be brief as I’m travelling this week.  However, there are a few important items to address in this update. 

 1). It has come to the Board's attention that several owners intend to rent their units to winter Texans. We strongly advise that owners DO NOT RENT YOUR UNITS THIS YEAR!!!!  Bay House will be a construction site shortly, we hope. As mentioned in an earlier update, our contractor may require everyone to vacate the complex and access will be restricted. This may also be required by our own insurance policy and the builder’s risk insurance policy currently in effect.  Even if we assume that vacating the premises will not be a requirement, we will still be dealing with prolonged periods of shut-off water and electricity which will make it unpleasant for any resident. I wish that we had more details right now regarding the upcoming reconstruction and recovery process, but we absolutely know that construction is imminent.


2)  Progress is being made towards the association’s insurance settlement and we hope to have one in place by the end of November. Please keep your fingers crossed.

 3)  We continue to gather referrals for contractors and architects and will begin the vetting process shortly.

4)  The Board took an informal vote at this week's conference call and it is the unanimous opinion of the Board that we should replace our roof with a metal option. There are multiple options of styles and colors offered and we welcome our owners’ input. Currently, some samples are posted at the office if you would like to see some of them. More samples are on the way.

5) Our Annual Meeting is set for Saturday, December 9th and we hope that you save the date for this important meeting.  We hope to vote for our roof replacement at that time.

Again thanks for your support and patience.

 Noel Byrne, President 
Bay House Council of Co-Owners.


DATE: November 3,  2017   12:30 am


Good afternoon fellow Bay House owners,

 Hard to believe we have turned the calendar page to November and we still have so much to do.  I will focus on some key issues in this update.

 1)    We normally renew our property insurance (including windstorm) policy to go into effect November 1st of each year.   Due to Hurricane Harvey’s destruction along the Texas coast and here at Bay House, we were unable to put the same policy into effect on November 1st this year.  Instead, we are currently covered on a thirty (30) day basis by a Builders Risk Policy.  It is expected that this policy will be renewed each month while we undergo the rebuilding process.  As it is impractical to bill owners on a monthly basis, the Association will be paying the policy premium and will bill our owners at a future date.  For your reference, the insurance  due from each owner at this time last year was $1,619.50.  The costs related to the new Builders Risk Policy are expected to be approximately 30% higher than our recently expired policy. 

 Our insurance agent is actively looking for a permanent replacement policy for Bay House Condominiums.  The issue we currently face is finding a company willing to underwrite our community given its present condition and secondly, at what price.  This is a serious issue we are diligently working on but please be assured that we do have coverage now.

 2)    We continue to seek architect and contractor referrals for the rebuilding process.  Once we have the association settlement from our insurance company, we will be able to define the scope of work for contractors to actually bid.  At this time, I still anticipate for construction to begin in January which remains consistent with the timetable first outlined in Harvey Update #2.

3)    A major decision will need to be made by our owners regarding the roof replacement.  We must decide on both the color and material to be used.  There is a sample display at the office for owners to view.  The Board will be making a recommendation with a presentation to the owners in the near future.

4)    Contractors interested in bidding on our bulkhead repair/replacement are making site visits to prepare their bids so we should have something to work with on regarding this issue by the end of the month.


5)     We have confirmed the date of SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2017 as the rescheduled date for the Bay House Council of Co-Owners Annual Meeting.  Please save this date as we hope to see as many owners as possible attend this important meeting.  We are currently planning a Luncheon/Afternoon meeting this year with lunch served at noon followed by the Business meeting at 1:00 pm.  Further details and invitations will be sent in the near future. We have reserved the Allegro House for this meeting.

 There is a great deal of activity going on towards the rebuilding of Bay House.  I believe our path forward will become much clearer this month as our insurance issues are resolved.

 Again,  thank you for your patience and support.

 Noel Byrne, President

 Bay House Council of Co-Owners



DATE: October 20, 2017   10:54 am


Good afternoon fellow Bay House owners, 

 I hope that all of you are doing well and that you remain optimistic about the progress and future restoration of our Bay House community.  We continue to work on our recovery process on a daily basis in advance of reaching our association insurance settlement.  Listed below in this update are a few highlights of our progress this week: 


1)     A private contractor was hired and has removed the compiled stacks of debris from our designated staging area of the parking lot.  You may still continue to bring any debris removal from your units to this area by the tennis courts for future pick up.  Please remember that this area is provided for building debris, furniture or appliances removed from your Bay House unit only.  Please place any household trash or garbage in the dumpsters located throughout our community.  A major health and safety problem occurs when biodegradable garbage is disposed of improperly as it stinks and attracts vermin.  Please dispose of all household biodegradable garbage in the dumpsters only.  Thank you.

 2)     All of our pools have now been drained, cleaned, refilled and properly treated to meet required standards.  Pool #2 and Pool #3 are now available.  Pool #1, overlooking Canoe Lake, has also been cleaned but will remain closed due to safety requirements regarding fencing.   However, a new fence has already been ordered and once installed, this pool will also be available.  

3)     We are currently in the process of securing a private contractor to clear the unsightly water debris from the Canoe lakefront and Bay House canal.  After some research to determine who is responsible for its removal, we learned from the City and confirmed with both the Key Allegro and Harbor Oaks community associations that individual communities hold the responsibility, with the exception of sunken vessels. We are currently looking to have this debris removed as soon as possible. 

4)  The Board of Directors continues the process of researching a replacement roofing material.  Our recommendations and findings will be presented to all owners following a careful and thorough review of our options.  We thank you for the feedback we have received from owners and although limited to-date, the response so far favors a metal roof option.  Please continue to voice your comments and suggestions  to this discussion.  They are important to us as we research various roof material options.  

 5)     A site visit by qualified contractors interested in bidding on our bulkhead repair or replacement is also currently in the works.  This was an upcoming future project planned as a result of the study completed last spring but Hurricane Harvey may have forced our hand on the timing of this project.  In walking the perimeter of our property, it is clearly evident that we have sustained additional damage from the hurricane and subsequent tides.   Bulkhead repair is not covered by our association insurance policy but absolutely must be addressed at this time.  

6)     We are accumulating a pre-qualified list of both architects and contractor firms from trusted sources to identify those that have the expertise, financial strength, insurability and interest in bidding on our rebuilding and restoration project.  This is a very large and complex project and we only get one chance to do it right.  If you have a recommendation, please send your letter of recommendation, along with the firm's qualifying credentials and contact information to the Bay House email address to be considered and followed up by the Board committee handling this process. 

7)     We are aware that broken tiles are compromising and tearing the blue tarps covering our damaged roofs.  The contracting firm handling this project will be replacing torn or damaged tarps this next week in a continued effort to minimize additional damage.  With leaky roofs and no A/C, many of our units have sustained substantial interior damage.  Please be assured that both our association insurance company and our hired Public Adjuster are taking these factors into consideration while negotiating a settlement. 

 8)     Please return your signed ballots for the Emergency Board of Directors by October 31st. 

 I trust that each owner has already been in contact with their personal insurance provider and have filed their claims.  Hopefully, we should all start to see settlements coming in over the next thirty days.  At that point, the "fun" really begins as we start the coordination, reconstruction and restoration of 14 buildings and 118 individual condominium units.  We ask that you please keep in mind and review these steps as we prepare for this process:

 1)    All work must be performed by a licensed contractor approved by the City of Rockport. 

 2)    Plans and specifications must have the required proper permits, conform to current building codes and be presented and approved by the Bay House Board of Directors.  Failure to follow these guidelines may ultimately result in the unauthorized repairs being deemed non-compliant with any associated additional costs for the removal and replacement of unapproved repairs at the individual owner's full expense. 

 3)    All repairs will require an official inspection at time of completion and must have proper certification of being compliant with current windstorm codes.

 4)    While we are negotiating our association insurance settlement, a set plan will be drafted and implemented between the Bay House Council of Co-Owners and the unit owner(s) for the restoration of each individual unit.  We certainly understand that each of us wants to move quickly on this plan but there are many detailed issues to resolve and it will take time so again, we ask for your continued patience when we start the restoration and rebuilding process.    

 In talking with other condominium and homeowner associations, a variety of different steps have been taken to move forward in their own restoration and recovery process.  Some associations have partially or totally limited access to individual units by owners.  We have not taken that step but at some point, it may become necessary for us to do the same once we understand the full scope of the work needed to be done and the requirements of the contractor we hire for our project.  This information is not being shared to alarm anyone but rather to inform everyone that there may be the possibility of strict access restrictions imposed once the construction starts.  When the approved hired contractor mobilizes our site for construction, its own insurance company and/or operating procedures may not allow anyone on site.  At this point, we do not have any indication of exactly what requirements will be implemented but I share this information to forewarn all owners who may be under the assumption that their units may have experienced very little damage and are in normal livable condition, there still may be restrictions put in place by the contractor's requirements.  We simply do not know what will happen and it is my hope that we return to normal as soon as is possible but please understand that all of Bay House will be a construction site for the foreseeable future.

 Lastly, I encourage each owner to seek out information on the Bay House website where there are many direct links to additional websites to help provide answers to the many questions we all have with this major undertaking. I also suggest visiting other local websites such as the City of Rockport, Key Allegro Property Owners Association, Harbor Oaks Homeowners Association and NextDoor Key Allegro.  

 The Board continues to meet weekly and remains fully committed to restoring our Bay House community back to even better than before.  I personally ask blessings for each and every one of us as we work through this recovery process.  I also thank you for your continued support and patience.   

 Noel Byrne, President

 Bay House Council of Co-owners



DATE:  October 13, 2017    12:25 pm


 Good afternoon fellow Bay House owners,

 I had the opportunity on October 6th & 7th to visit Bay House and Rockport.  As I drove around the area, I was personally so disappointed in how little progress was apparent.    The piles of debris were bigger and more numerous and it seemed like very little, if anything, had been removed.  There was a multitude of blue tarps throughout town but little evidence of new roofing going on.  My son and I also ventured out for a boat ride but had to be extremely careful to avoid all the debris in the water.  There are sunken boats and damage everywhere.  Then it struck me, the birds were gone!  Oh, there were a few here and there but nothing like before Harvey.......even the seagulls, or "rats with wings" as I call them, were missing.  It was then that I really came face-to-face with the daunting task we all have in rebuilding our Bay House community. 

 The good news is that we have John, Pam and Ed working hard to keep us moving forward as well as trying to assist owners where they can.  We have an expanded Emergency Board of Directors who collectively bring many skills and are dedicated to the task of rebuilding.  Our management team and expanded emergency BOD coupled with the understanding, patience and support of our owners, give me total confidence that we will successfully rebuild our community to be even better than before.  With that in mind, let me touch on the issues we are currently facing as of this update:

 1)    We hope to schedule our Annual Meeting before the end of 2017.  The primary issue is finding a venue and having places to stay.  We are currently working on this and will let you know as soon as we have finalized the details and have set the date.   Due to the postponement of the Annual Meeting when we elect the new Board, we have sent out the Ballot for our Emergency Board of Directors in advance and I ask that each of you vote and return the ballot as soon as possible. The expansion of the Board has provided much needed help to lighten the load along with experience to resolve the challenges we face in our recovery process.  

 2)    This is the time of year when we renew our association insurance policies and due to all the damages caused by Hurricane Harvey, I'm sure you can imagine that it is a more complicated process than in previous years.  Our policies expire at the end of this month so time is very short.  Discussions with our agent are ongoing and he does feel confident about placing coverage but is uncertain about the costs at this point.  Our objective is to maintain the same level of coverage as we currently have in place.  We will have more information to provide to you in the next few weeks as we finalize the renewal process. 

3)    Please be assured that our current claim is in process.  We have hired a Public Adjuster firm to represent us in this process and representatives of that firm and our insurance company met last week for a joint onsite inspection.  The feedback although very preliminary at this writing, suggests that all buildings will need new roofs and there are five buildings that require further study to confirm the structural integrity.  The expected date for a settlement offer has been pushed back to mid-to-late November.

4)    We are beginning to look into options for the roof replacement.  The three primary materials currently being researched are composition shingles, clay tiles (which we currently have) and metal roofing.  Preliminary discussions by the Board are leaning towards a recommendation of metal roofing for appearance and durability but we are early in the selection process and are still researching options.  We do not have any cost estimates at this time but wanted our owners to be aware that this is under consideration.  If you would like to voice an opinion on the type of materials being considered or other options, please email your comments to the Bay House email address, we welcome your input.

5)    We are beginning to gather information regarding the selection of architects and construction contractors to be considered for our rebuilding project.  Until we have a settlement, we cannot define the scope of work to actually get bids but our goal is to have already identified three or four firms that will be asked to bid on the project when we are ready to move forward with our rebuilding efforts.  We are only considering well-established firms that are financially sound, have experience in multi-family projects, understand the coastal building codes, are licensed, bonded and properly insured.  If you have a recommendation, please send the contact information to the Bay House email address and ask the firm to send us their qualifications. 


6) Along with all of the hurricane damage we're facing, we have not forgotten the major problem we have with our bulkheads.  As I walked along our bulkhead during my visit last week, it is very evident that we have many new sinkholes developing and in some places, it looks like there may have been additional tilting as the soil washed out from behind the bulkhead.  Over the next 60 days, we are going to have several contractors on site to examine and bid on its repair or replacement.  This will follow the recommendations of the study we completed in the spring of this year.  Our objective is to coordinate the bulkhead construction with our rebuilding to minimize the disruption of our community.  There will be more to come on this subject.

 7)    We are still expecting the City of Rockport, funded by FEMA, to pick up the debris piled up by our tennis court.  We have talked with the City but still do not have a confirmed date for Bay House but removal is slowly underway around town.  If you have debris, please continue to place it in the space designated.


In closing, I ask that you remain patient.  This recovery is going to take a long time and I will keep you informed of our progress.  We hope to have many units back to normal as soon as possible, however, please remember that although your unit may be habitable, our community will remain a construction site for many months.  As an owner like all of you, I look forward to the return of our Bay House community to even better than before.  Hopefully, all our birds will be back soon, too.  


Noel Byrne, President

 Bay House Council of Co-owners


DATE:  October 5, 2017     9:42 AM



We are now in the month of October and on Friday,  it will be six weeks since Hurricane Harvey hit landfall in our Rockport community and wreaked havoc here at Bay House and all throughout Rockport and Aransas County.   In some ways, it seems like only yesterday and still hard to comprehend yet in other ways, it seems that time has just dragged on with so little apparent progress. Frustration often builds and it just seems like nothing is happening at all or isn’t happening fast enough.  I personally assure all of my fellow owners that nothing could be further from the truth.  Please let me cover several points with this update.

 1)    Communication:    There is a great deal of misinformation and rumors floating around.  I happened to read a newspaper article today falsely reporting that both Allegro North and Bay House Condominiums were total losses.   Nothing could be further from the truth.  We are in the process of working with our Association insurance company and our Public Adjuster to finalize our settlement.  Inspectors are on site this week to carefully examine the buildings and the interior of each and every unit to work towards a comprehensive settlement.  I still am hopeful that a settlement will be reached by the end of October.  I encourage each of you to visit the Bay House website often as a source of information as well as links to other community resources. 


I also recommend that you send any questions or concerns you have to Bay House by email.  We will continue to answer any specific questions and include answers of general interest in future updates.  Telephone calls are not the best way to get the information you need. All questions are referred to the Board.    Please be patient as none of us have any experience in dealing with a catastrophe like this and we often have to rely on the experts for help in providing the best and correct answer to all of our concerns.  


2)    Personal Property and Debris Removal:  This is a big issue and I know there is a lot of confusion about what should or shouldn't be done.   I hope that this information will provide some guidance and alleviate some of the confusion for you:


     A)    If you have personal property in your unit you wish to salvage, you should do so as long as you do not put yourself at risk due to structural damage in your unit.  If you cannot safely access your unit, I suggest you leave your personal property in place until a safe alternative is available.   The Council of Co-Owners cannot spend money on any temporary repairs at this time as a financial precaution for all of us until we have a better idea of the scope of our Association insurance settlement.


    B)    The issues of foreign  matter removal, sheet rock  removal, drying out efforts, replacing windows and doors, and other efforts made to secure individual units has most of us confused and unsure of what our next steps should be.  There is not a definitive answer to these questions but in speaking to representatives of the insurance company, they offer general guidelines. You should do what is reasonable to prevent further damage by removing wet insulation, carpet and sheetrock to begin the process of drying out your unit.  This applies only if you do not have a roof leak and have a working air conditioning unit. There is nothing you can do to prevent additional damage to your home if you cannot keep it dry.  This damage is caused by a storm which is an insured event whether your unit received water damage directly from  the day of the hurricane or you took on water from a rain storm last night because the hurricane damaged your roof.  The same insured event caused the damage.  Do what you can to help the problem but please do not despair if you cannot solve it.  The roof damage is directly resulted from Hurricane Harvey and is covered by our Association insurance policy.


   C)    The City of Rockport is expected to gather up personal property debris although we still do not have a set schedule.  In an earlier update, we suggested that you complete this process by the end of October and I believe this is still a good guideline.  The designated marked area for Bay House is by the tennis court.


 3)  Repairing and Rebuilding Bay House:    Our community  will have to decide on many things in the coming weeks and months regarding how we repair and rebuild  Bay House.  We are all very anxious to get started but we have to be patient until we get our settlement and know exactly what that settlement will provide.  I have stated the expected timetable in previous updates which you may refer to for specifics but we still anticipate expecting the Association insurance settlement in October; hiring an architect and contractor in November; completing building plans and required permits in December and  beginning  construction in January 2018.  Given the magnitude of our damage, this schedule may be optimistic but it is the one we are actively pursuing on behalf of all the Council of Co-Owners.   We will keep the ownership informed of our progress. 



4)  Annual Meeting:  There is no date rescheduled for our annual meeting at this time but we are  hopeful  we will be able to reschedule it before the end of the year.  In the meantime, I would ask you to review Harvey Update #2 regarding our Emergency Board.  We will be sending out a ballot by email to our members to vote on this Emergency Board in the next week or so.  Your Bay House Board of Directors continue to  meet via conference call every week in putting forth our best efforts to the successful recovery of our community.  Please keep in mind that your Board is a dedicated group of volunteers and your email questions, concerns and suggestions are an important part of those meetings and I will be providing an update on our progress every week.


Again, on behalf of our Board of Directors and myself, I thank you for your continued support and patience.


Noel Byrne, President

Bay House Council of Co-owners



DATE: September 26, 2017    12:04 PM


The Management and Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to review the recommended steps owners should be taking right away as we move forward with our recovery process.

 Most owners have already filed claims with their personal insurance agents.  Many have already had inspections or are currently awaiting inspections with their personal adjusters.  If you have not yet filed your personal claims with your own insurance companies, we highly recommend doing so as soon as possible.

 Be sure and take photos BEFORE touching, cleaning or removing anything!  IT IS EACH OWNER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO REMOVE MOLD & MILDEWED SHEETROCK, DAMAGED CARPETS & PADDING, LINENS, FURNITURE, i.e. Take photos during the clearing process and take inventory of all your damaged items.

 SPECIAL NOTE:  Please be aware that moisture may not always be easily recognizable.  Water can be found behind the walls even though no mold or mildew is visible. We recommend using a moisture detection meter (may be purchased at most hardware stores) to detect moisture behind walls to determine if the sheetrock needs to be removed.

DO NOT WAIT TO FIND OUT IF YOUR INSURANCE WILL COVER THIS WORK!  If moisture is detected, the sheetrock MUST BE REMOVED as soon as possible to prevent further damage and mold.   

 If you are a full-time resident of Bay House, those owners will be allowed to move back in once they have authorized signed approval on electrical, a/c units and City (if required).  

 For the remainder of our owners, please be aware that any reconstruction or remodeling of an owner’s unit should NOT commence until authorized inspectors have determined that a building’s roof system has been dried successfully and that the unit’s owner has determined that their unit interior has successfully dried and is totally mold-free.

 All owners must present any reconstruction/remodeling plans to the Board committee established to manage and approve all plans. To be considered for reimbursement from the Bay House Council of Co-Owners’ insurance claim proceeds, all contractors must be licensed and on the City of Rockport Approved Vendors list (can be found on the website). All required building and city permits must be issued.  

 We certainly do not recommend but we are aware some owners may not want to wait for this process to be completed.  Some have asked about removing appliances, replacing windows, etc.  Please understand that the Board of Directors will not know exactly what will be covered and reimbursable by the Council’s windstorm policy until we receive the final insurance report.  Owners who do not choose to wait will run the risk of NOT being reimbursed AND may be required to redo some work at their own expense.   We continue to ask for your patience and support as we move forward with our recovery process.  Thank you for your cooperation.


DATE:  September 14, 2017    6:15 PM


Please be aware that the BAYHOUSE WEBSITE is the        ONE AND ONLY OFFICIAL information site for Bay House Condominiums.  All pertinent information posted to this website has been approved by the Board of Directors of the Bay House Council of  Co-Owners.  We know that a lot of us have a number of social media sources with our neighbors and friends and that the communication and caring between Bay Houser owners is a very important communication tool.  We would just like to emphasize that the Board of Directors and Management Staff want you to be aware that we supply all of the factual information that we have received to-date on our BAYHOUSE WEBSITE ONLY.  Please be sure and check this site often, it is updated as we receive the most current  information.  Any communication received by the ownership by email is also posted on the website for easy reference. 

DATE: September 14 2017    5:30 pm

SUBJ:  Harvey Update #6

Good afternoon fellow Bay House owners,

 As of this update on September 14th, the majority of our condo units have had a certified electrical inspection, air conditioning inspection and an interior unit insurance inspection by an adjuster who represents the Council of Co-owners Association  insurance company. This process is a very careful inspection and will take a few more days to complete.  You will be notified as soon as the report has been completed and reviewed by the Board and Management staff.   For many of our members, there will be a great sense of relief and a return to normalcy with only minor repairs needed.  For others in our community, they will find that their condo has  been deemed unsafe to enter and face a very long recovery.  It is the mission of the Board to see that the needs of  ALL Co-Council owners are respected and recognize our community is not WHOLE until we have all recovered.  I ask again for your patience and support as we work through these issues. 


Going forward here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. In the last update #5, we reviewed information about personal property debris removal.  As a reminder, there are many resources for assistance on our website, the City of Rockport website and the Nextdoor Key Allegro/Harbor Oaks information exchange site (soon to be available to you).  We do know the City of Rockport, funded by FEMA, will be picking up this debris but at this time we have not been informed of  a set schedule.  Many people have asked how long we have to dispose of this debris but again, we have not received any guidance from the City.  This information will be provided as soon as we are made aware.  For now,  it has been  suggested to remove any debris by Tuesday, October 31st.  Again, I remind you to have your personal debris hauled off or taken to the designated area by our tennis court, separated by category.  No personal property items debris should be stacked outside of your unit or by our trash dumpsters.

  1. Most of us have filed our personal insurance claims and are looking forward to beginning the repairing, remodeling and rebuilding process when the funds arrive.  There are several things you need to consider before you begin  any personal work on your unit:  

    a)    If you expect a portion of your expenses to be covered by the Bay House Association insurance settlement,  you will required to provide the Board with your construction contract and all permits before ANY work can commence.   A Board committee is being established to manage this rebuilding  process and we will provide more detailed instructions about this process in October.

    b)    There are contractors from all over the country descending on our community hoping to get their share of the “Harvey Lottery”.  Many are licensed and qualified to build in a coastal community.  They have knowledge of the special building codes required and the process needed to obtain them.  Unfortunately, there will be  some contractors who do not have this experience or knowledge so be very careful and selective.  Do not get rushed into signing a contract until you have carefully reviewed and are  totally  satisfied with the contractor’s credentials.  Make sure you have the required permits in hand before you commence any work.  As a community subject to windstorms,  your construction is subject to final inspection and if it does not meet code you will be put into a position where you might have to start over at your own personal expense.   I urge you to be patient and follow the proper procedures.  All contractors must be registered with the City of Rockport mandated contractor approval process.  Please visit the approved list of registered contractors on the City of Rockport website and on the website:   Approved List of Registered Contractors by City of Rockport

      c)    We must all be realistic and expect Bay House to be a construction zone for a very long time.  We do not know the extent of the job ahead but it is apparent that it will involve major construction on many of our buildings and our roofs.   We will have to create material and equipment storage areas and access may be restricted to areas of our property.  I raise this concern just so everyone understands that even if your property has little or no direct impact,  our community will be disrupted for many months.  At this time, our time table has not changed.  We expect to have a settlement reached with the Association insurance sometime in October, select a general building contractor in November, construction materials will be ordered, the site mobilized and permits applied for in December and then actual construction will begin in January.  Depending on the scope of work, it is expected to take 12 to 18 months before all work is completed.  Please be aware that individual units in a stable building may be finished much sooner but our property will still remain a construction zone.  We have much to plan for and little by way of specific details today but I believe it is important for all of us as owners to have reasonable expectations regarding the construction.

The Board and Staff of the Bay House Council of Co-owners wishes to thank our owners for your support and patience through this difficult time.  We will be back better than ever. 

Noel Byrne, President

Bay House Council of Co-owners


DATE: September 12, 2017 11:16 am 

SUBJ: Harvey Update #5

1)    A major issue of concern involves the restoration of both power and water to all of our buildings.  Of these two issues, the restoration of electric power seems to be the greatest concern.  In update #4, I mistakenly stated that AEP would  be inspecting individual units to determine which ones were safe for power restoration.  What we now know is AEP only determines when it is safe for power to be sent to Bay House but not when a unit may be powered up.  With the extensive damage to so many of our buildings and the shifting of so many of our rooftop a/c units, there is a grave concern that people may get hurt or a fire hazard may exist if power is restored to an uninspected unit.  Therefore, the Board has authorized the hiring of a licensed electrician(s) to complete  an inspection of each unit and then certify that it is safe to restore power to each unit..  This inspection will soon commence and you will be informed of the schedule as soon as is possible.  If an individual owner wishes to hire their own licensed electrician,  they certainly may do so with the stipulation that the owner's selected electrician must provide our Property Manager with their licensed credentials and then must  provide written confirmation that the unit is safe before any power is restored.  Please be aware that if an owner chooses to hire their own electrician, the total expenses of hiring a personal electrician is the owner's full financial responsibility and will not be reimbursable  by the association.  You may be able to claim the cost under your own individual insurance policy but that is between you and your agent and not reimbursable by the Association policy.  

Water is  being restored back to our community but will be slowly restored.  We have been testing our water and have found multiple leaks which absolutely must be fixed before water can be fully restored.  This will be a work in progress.


2)    We have received many questions about the removal of damaged personal property from individual units.  Unlike the storm debris scattered all over our property which is being collected and will be disposed of , it can be done without entering a private condo.   However, the disposal  of private property within a condo requires entry into a private residence and judgment to determine what is trash and what is treasure.  For this reason, the removal of personal damaged property within an owner's individual unit is the sole responsibility of the homeowner.  The cost of this removal may be covered under your  individual personal insurance policies so please review your policy for guidance. We remind every homeowner to contact your personal agents to file your own claim for personal contents and follow your policy's instructions before removing any items.   All personal interior debris must be taken to the designated area near the tennis court across from the 2500 building and placed in its respective category.  Do not leave disposed items stacked outside of your unit or near our trash dumpsters.  It is the owner's responsibility to dispose of these items by either hauling them off the property or placing them in the designated areas near the tennis court.  We appreciate your cooperation.  Please check the Bayhouse website and recommended links to find contact information available to help you either hire help in this process or reach out to many of the volunteer groups willing to help.  Please check back often as we update information as we receive it.  


3)    With the restoration of power, it will soon be possible to turn on the pool pumps and begin to clean up the pool water.  We are in the process of hiring skilled pool contractors to guide us in that restoration process.


4)    The extent of the damage to Bay House has required our Association insurance company to hire a consultant to expand on the initial adjuster's report..  The consultant has been on-site the last few days and should be providing the insurance company with his report soon.   There are lots of rumors about what is going to happen but I caution you not to rely on that information.  As soon as we have the factual information to report, you will see it in these updates and on our website.  At this time, there is not even an inkling of a settlement so anything you here is pure conjecture and rumor.  


5)    The wind and broken tiles are playing havoc with the recently installed roof tarps.  Many have already loosened and ripped and may have to be replaced.  We are looking into alternatives to the current tarp materials, but do not have a solution at the time of this writing.


We are all going through a very stressful time as we deal with this disaster.  Tempers may flare and patience is lost far too quickly at times. We realize that it may be hard to sometimes accept that what appears to be in your own best interest may be counter and not in  the best interest of our community.  The one certainty I will make to each of you is that your Board of Directors and Management Staff  is fully committed to restoring Bay House to the community we all love.  It will be a very long and hard journey to get there but WE WILL GET THERE together.  


Noel Byrne, President

Bay House Council of Co-owners



DATE: September 7, 2017  3:42 pm
SUBJ: Harvey Update #4

 Many owners may be headed to Rockport this weekend to continue the recovery process and I want to share a few things to consider:

1)    It is very likely that power will be restored to Bay House but not necessarily to every unit.  The Board has been advised to make sure that AEP ( American Electric Power) has inspected and approved turning on power to an individual unit.  There is a lot of damage and you may want to have your AC inspected before turning that on once approved for power.

2)    Water is available but is not safe for drinking or bathing.  It must be boiled before use until further notice.

3)    An insurance adjuster assisted by a staff or board member will be inspecting each unit on Saturday beginning at 8:00am.  This is part of our overall insurance claim and of critical importance.  We are missing keys to a number of units in violation of the rules and may have to hire a locksmith to gain entry.  Staff is going to reach out to owners that fall into this category to try to get a key before Saturday.  If no key is made available the owner will be charged the cost of the locksmith.

4)    Clean up and debris removal is proceeding well.  Tarping is nearing completion.

5)     Debris removed from individual units must be placed in a designated area near the tennis court.  It must be separated into mattresses, appliances, metal, furniture, electronics and construction debris.  The City of Rockport funded by FEMA will be picking up this material over the next two or three months.  Household garbage and trash may continue to be put into our dumpsters for regular pickup.

We know this is a very stressful time but we are making progress.  Please visit our website often for additional updates and information.

Thank you for your continued support.

Noel Byrne, President


DATE:  September 6, 2017  2:51 PM
SUBJ: Harvey Update #3

Good afternoon,

The process of restoring our Bay House property is underway and we all are hopeful this will go smoothly and quickly.  The Board and our Staff are working very hard to make that happen.

1)    The debris removal contractor is making good progress in gathering the storm debris, tarping the buildings and boarding up windows.  FEMA and the City of Rockport will be providing  personal content debris removal over the next several weeks.  When you remove your personal items it will need to be divided into different piles.  We are establishing holding areas and will have more information out soon on this.

2)    Our insurance company has decided to hire an engineering company to examine each building for structural integrity and each individual unit.  This decision was based on the report from the original insurance adjusters report.  We will let the owners know when we expect to get our initial settlement estimate as soon as that information becomes available.

3)    To help the owners have easier access to information a Board committee has been established to make the Bay House website more interactive.  You will be able to link to other information resources as well as have access to the questions and answers being exchanged between the owners and the Board.

4)    No decision has been made on where or when to hold our annual meeting.  Several ideas are being considered such as holding a video/telephone conference, holding the meeting in San Antonio or another location with sufficient lodging, handle the meeting by email and/or regular mail where information would be provided for the members review.  Any items requiring a vote would be handled by providing a return ballot.  The election of the board and emergence members will be handled in that fashion.

5)    A Construction Committee lead by Tommy Stewart as Chairman and Bill Stallings as Vice Chairman has begun the process of identifying qualified multi family contractors that will be invited to bid on our reconstruction contract.  We are grateful and fortunate to have their expertise help guide us through this process.  We will have to wait to open the biding process until the insurance company provides us with the scope of work outlined in the settlement.

6)    An Architectural Committee is being established to coordinate the Bay House Claim with the claims filed by individual owners.  The objective is to make sure all repairs meet current code and the proper amount is allocated to return the individual units t original condition.

7)  For owners who have a mortgage you may want to discuss with them how they wish to handle the disbursement of your individual claim funds.

Thank you all for your continued support and patience

Noel M. Byrne, President

Bay House Council of Co-owners


DATE:  September 6, 2017   10:45 am
SUBJ:  Harvey Progress Report   (sent by Managers)

The debris removal is underway.  The debris will be collected to a central location on our property then transported to the dump as space becomes available but not later than October 28th.  The tarping of the roofs is complete or nearing completion.  Boarding up of windows and doors is also expected to be completed this week.

The expected process for reconstruction is as follows

1)    Initial inspection of property by our insurance adjuster has been completed

2)    Inspection of the interior of each unit by the insurance adjuster expected to commence by September 8.

3)    Initial settlement offer expected by October 7.  That settlement offer will define the scope of work needed by construction companies to bid on our project.

4)    A Board committee is currently vetting construction companies to qualify them to bid.

5)    It is hoped that a contractor will be selected by November 15.

6)    Once selected the construction plans will be presented to the authorities to approve permits for the construction.

7)    With permits issued construction will begin January 2018.

This is a general outline of the process we have underway.  It is important to note that our buildings conditions range from significant damage to potentially a total loss.  How the insurance adjuster, the construction contractor and the required permitting may increase or decrease this timeline for an individual building.

I would caution you against making any major repairs until we have more information from the Bay House insurance.  If your building sustained damage that is not apparent you could face the prospect of having to repeat the repairs and incur additional expense.  


Date: August 30, 2017  1:49 PM
Subj:  Harvey Update #2

To the Bay House Community;

 The Board has been meeting daily during this catastrophe and I want to bring you up to date on what is happening.

 While we have gotten several reports from owners who have gone to the property and we thank them for the first hand reports and pictures please remember Rockport is a very dangerous place with no infrastructure.  Travel there is discouraged until approved by City of Rockport officials.  There is no water, gas, power and very limited cell service.  Roads are often impassable and filled with debris that could disable your vehicle.  There is also a 7:00pm to 7:00am curfew till further notice.  When officials allow our return you may need to have your id and proof of residence such as a utility bill.    The City of Rockport website; www.cityof has the current announcements and other valuable information.

 We have filed our insurance claim and have an adjuster assigned.  This policy will cover the rebuilding of our property to its original condition when first delivered to the original owner.  Improvements we have made will not be covered by this policy but may be covered by our individual windstorm and/or content insurance.  We encourage each of you to review your policies and file a claim asap.  You do not need to have all the details of your loss to file a claim.  We will also from time to time email or post to our website advice on how to proceed with the individual claim process.  A representative of our Association's insurance policy is expected to attend our annual owners meeting when scheduled.

 We have started the clean up and debris removal as of 9:00am Tuesday.  Most if not all debris in the parking lots and on the grounds will be cleared by Friday.  We are also in discussions with several restoration firms that will handle boarding up, tarping roofs and drying out.  Our insurance adjuster has assured us that these are the appropriate steps to take now and will have additional information after his inspection on Friday or Saturday.  After that inspection we will enter into a restoration contract.

 The Annual Meeting is postponed until further notice.  We are looking at options for a time and place for this meeting.  More to come on this soon.  It is also very important to know that the $300.00 monthly assessment remains in place and is expected to be paid on time.  We are facing many expenses and cannot make any changes until we know the full scope of our responsibilities.

 The extent of the destruction in Rockport cannot be overstated and the challenges to recovery are too many to count.  The Board is taking emergency steps to make sure we have the people in place to guide us forward.  We are expanding the Board in the following way.

1)    All current Board members have agreed to extend their term to September 2019, that provides for continuity with nine existing members.

2)    Two former Board Presidents, Becky VanderVort and George Hite will join this emergency Board until September 2019.

3)    Our current nominees to the Board will be asked to join and begin serving a normal three year term which will end in 2020.

Please note that the membership will be asked to affirm the Emergency Board at the annual meeting.  The Board will be establishing committees to cover issues like construction, insurance, member communication, security and dispute resolution.  It's a big job which none of us expected to do.  We will do the job to the best of our abilities and only ask for your support and patience with the Board and our staff as we work through this.

 I will provide updates by email at least weekly and we will also get our website updated with the latest announcements and information.

 The FEMA website ( states that they do not offer assistance for secondary homes.  Nor do they offer assistance for small business or associations like ours.  For owners who have Bay House as a permanent residence or others who just wish to try for FEMA assistance you may apply online at

 To access the Bay House website go to:   user name:  bayhouse   password:  owners

 We know our owners, staff are anxious for information.  Please use email as your first line of communication.  John, Pam and Ed are flooded with calls and their personal disasters and will respond as soon as they can.  

 Finally, please join me in praying for our first responders and all our fellow Texans, many of whom are suffering much more than we are.

 Noel Byrne, President

Bay House Council of Co-owners


Date: August 28, 2017 at 8:42:08 AM CDT
Subject: Harvey Update

Dear fellow Bay House Owners;

We are putting together a plan to deal with the widespread destruction cause by hurricane Harvey.  To that end please read the following to help you know what is going on.

  1. The City of Rockport has a 7:00pm to 7:00am curfew in effect until further notice.  This is enforced by local police, Aransas County Sheriff deputies, DPS officers and National Guard troops.
  2. Please visit the City of Rockport website for the up to date information regarding activities for our recovery.
  3. All essential services are out in Rockport and Aransas County and there is no estimate of when services will be restored.  AT&T is trying to establish a temporary cell tower to restore limited cell phone service.
  4. We have been in contact with our insurance agency and we are on the list for an adjuster assignment.  From the preliminary damage assessment it appears we have damage from a wind storm rather than flood (rising water vs falling water).  Our agent feel that is good news as the claim process is less difficult.
  5. Your Board will meet by conference call this week to map out the steps we need to take to rebuild Bay House.  Once drafted the plan will be shared with all member.
  6. Now would be a very good time for each owner to review any insurance you carry on contents and interior improvements.  We will work to coordinate efforts to rebuild the structure with restoring the interiors.
  7. Our Annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday September 9, will likely be cancelled/rescheduled.  More to come on this subject shortly

I know how difficult this is for all our owners.  My own place looks to be a complete loss but please be patient as we work through this disaster.

Thank you

Noel Byrne



Date: August 26, 2017

I'm very sorry to report that Bay House has sustained substantial damage due to Harvey. My contractor Clayton Black and good friend Earle Bolks just inspected our property and report every building had extensive damage, some like the 2600 building may be a total loss. Please do not try to visit until the city gives the ok for residents to return. There is no cell service, no water and no power and no point in putting yourself or others in harms way. Please pray for all of those who have lost their homes and everything they have worked for. I will reach out to Wally Goodman our insurance agent and begin the process of recovery.

Noel Byrne



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