Bay House Condominiums   
Council of Co-Owners




We are in the process of completing a comprehensive contract to restore Bay House.  That process will include an assessment of each individual unit along with a plan to complete the restoration.  In addition, a web page will be established to allow the owner and contractor to develop a customized plan that may include improvements beyond basic repairs and at the owners expense.  We are within three or four weeks of that starting.

Although I do not recommend it, you may start today, if you wish,  with an approved contractor and plans also to be approved by the Board to do anything you want to the interior of your unit.  Just understand that there will be NO REIMBURSEMENT from the Bay House Council of Co-owners to offset the cost of your impatience. Also, there is still a strong probability that your unit will have to be vacated for some period of time during the construction.  The amount of time and when that may happen is also part of the process we are working through right now. . All payments will be based on the contract with our general contractor and approved by our Project Manager.  My strong suggestion is that you wait until we work through this process.
Thank You.

Noel Byrne, President
Bay House Council of Co-owners


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